Nepal Investment Summit 2017 in Kathmandu

Nepal Investment Summit 2017 in Kathmandu

February 11, 2017



This event will bring together the investment and business community who have experience operating in Nepal and those who are interested in exploring Nepal's business climate. We will discuss the challenges Nepal faces and possible ways to make Nepal a better business friendly nation. Discussion on Nepal's Major Problems for Economic Development
Global companies and investment communities don't want to invest or do business in Nepal. Discussion on the problem and explore possibilities to change this. Nepali and Foreign Business Leaders Who Know the Difficulties of Nepal Experienced business leaders who have hard times persuading international companies to operate in Nepal or investment communities to invest in Nepal companies. Extensive knowledge of the challenges. Issue Focused Networking Meet like-minded business leaders who are struggling to grow their companies because foreign companies don't want to invest in their Nepal company. Opportunity to meet people who are trying to change Nepal's economic climate.